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Yes, I am Heather Leonard. I will try my best to keep everything going and updated but please bear in mind that I have a very busy life and I may not be as on top of everything. My husband, Jay, will certainly help me out but his life is even more complicated then mine. Thanks for being patient!

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June 7

Okay, I admit that I totally forgot about the site. Sorry.
To make up for it, I've added some pics and other stuff...

March 11

Sorry I have not had much to say lately; I have been so busy! I delivered my daughter, Grayson Stepheni Leonard, on December 27. 2009. She is the most adorable baby girl ever and we love her sooo much! Jay and I have decided that it's time to stop having children (at least for a while). I've gotten a bunch of comments that I look great for having been pregnant twice (lucky, I guess.). This week has been really tiring. We had an event to attend last night and another tonight, also another tomorrow night. We will get some time off this weekend, *sigh*. Jay's working hard on some new music and is really sad that he's gettig surgery on his teeth because he can't sing as well. (PS, he's not gay, he's bisexual--I'm trying to be politically correct; is it working??) He says it's really painful. I'm not entirely sure how they're doing it. (or what drugs they've got him on--he's been Mr. Always Hyper lately:))
I'm homeschooled right now. I've considered going to regular school several times but Jay has said that "once you're famous there's no being normal again." I guess I should take his word for it. He should know; he's famous enough. Algebra 1 is boring, science is pretty dry (human body-this is it, this is what it does, this is where it is). I'm still taking my foreign language, Spanish. I want to be fluent. We just finished reading Romeo and Juliet-the ending sucks :(. My teacher, my father-in-law, and his best friend learned to recite almost the whole thing by memory. They read all the Shakespeare plays together and even wrote 2 of their own (WOW!). I have to take Logic because Jay is a logic freak and says it's fun. I wouldn't say it's fun but at least it's easy. I'm also studying American government. My teacher says I won't have to take Logic if I don't want to next year. I bet Jay will make me take debate or something :).
This is getting long, isn't it??
I still take my improv classes once a week. This week, we were supposed to be patients in a mental hospital. Our teacher went around and whispered an ailment in our ears. I suffered from a tick.
Well, it's good to be back :). I'll stop now-I know it's a lot. Love you all, my wonderful fans!